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about me

My name is Leo aka Jason Vakker. I'm experience-centured game design professional with 5 years experience. My main is goal is to bring unexpected emotions and unique experiences through interactive media and games.
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Editor and prototyping with C#

unreal engine

Prototyping with Unreal Engine Blueprints

game design

Creating signature art style for the game, UI/UX prototyping and design
Prototyping, GDD, meta game design, emotion-based game design


$L0₩A is a jRPG video game with a turn-based combat dialogue system.
The action takes place in the office of the largest social network in Russia of the future, in the era of total control of information. The goal of the player is to reach the pinnacle of power, using only words.


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game-experience about desire
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@FortuneBooth is an interactive fiction game about the fear of the future. A young girl goes to a telephone booth to read fortunes at night and asks for help from her Twitter followers. The player needs to help the girl cope with fear and return back home.
information is a weapon
BDSM session where you forgot the safeword
meeting the future
game for Ludum Dare 44
don't split up!
RISE is a queer manifesto about love and self-acceptance. The game translates the queer person experience into gameplay and tells the player how to love yourself.

Each chapter of "RISE" reveals a new aspect of the theme and presents itself as a separate game with unique gameplay.


queer manifesto about love and self-acceptance
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Imagine how a pungent, sweet body odour spreads, and you can smell it. A lump rises in your throat. You feel a slight chill covering your entire body, and blood pulses rapidly in your ears.

This is how you will crave freedom in SUNA: RED. As soon as you get a taste of this freedom for the first time, all your barriers will collapse to finally lose yourself in the act of love and union.
GO_VAST: SOCIAL MEDIA PURGE is a first person shooter in the digital space. The player needs to clean up the informational imprint in the three largest social networks. Fight likes, delete posts, and finally REMOVE yourself from the internet!
BEGIERDE/SCHAM is a game-experience about sexuality, boundaries, desire and shame. Feel free to explore this very DARK room like no one's watching. It can not only show you concrete walls and smoky air but open new facets of sex and help you to rethink the meaning of desire.
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LA ROUGEUR is a third-person view game based on the "Little Red Riding Hood" tale. The player will have to figure out what is happening to the forest and why it is being destroyed. But first, the Hat with her friend, the Lumberjack's Daughter, needs to visit her grandmother and give her a basket of pies.


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Participation in “DESIGN NEXT. Design from idea to prototype” exhibition

Participation in Streaming Showcase DevGAMM


Speaker at the round table of Telling Stories festival

“EXPERIMENT: 451-208” game
exclusevely shown at "UHEL" exhibition


2021, 2020






Victory at Euro Sickhouse Gaming Vision

Participation in A MAZE.

Showcase of "BEGIERDE/SCHAM" at HOROVOD festival